Given the ever increasing number of needy persons in this area of operation, Hope For Change Africa registered as a CBO on registration number (IDIG/190/17) seems to be facing a dilemma to help out.

Against this background we as members of this CBO and other stake holders are seeking help from the donors so as to give the much-needed helping hand.

This done in the spirit of togetherness where by a helping will always be rewarded. As hope for change Africa we believe together we can make a change in education, healthy and standard living of people¬ in Africa.

The Story of Hope For Change Africa ...

Hello! My name is Teven Kibumba. Allow me share my story with you about my home back ground, education journey and experience with the society that I work in as a journalist.

Born in a destitute and an illiterate family. I am the second last born in a family of 13 children of Mr Kibumba Joseph and Mrs Kibumba Irene in Wanyama village in Butembe County in Jinja district. -

I studied at Nakanyonyi primary school before enrolling for my ordinary level at Wakitaka SS. After completing my O level, I joined Jinja Progressive SS and in 2013, I enrolled for a Bachelor’s degree in -Mass Communication at Kampala University.

However my education journey was not an easy one altogether. It was characterized by ups and downs. To begin with, my parents were poor and illiterate and this left many of my fellow siblings drop out of schools at primary and secondary levels. My father became a disgrace to the family because of his habitual drinking quarreling and battering of our mum. To escape this type of man (husband), mum separated with him while we were still young.

The separation of our parents further left the family into shambles. We started going without food, clothing’s and this is when most of my fellow siblings begun dropping out of school as we could not afford the required school requirements like school fees, books and others. At this time I was in my secondary education and I too never escaped the wrath of a ruined home and at some point I stopped schooling.

Guess what, the situation forced me to go in for child labor- and picking metal scrap to raise my school fees and also support my junior siblings. Sometimes I could part time at Mr Hassan Okumu’s Washing Bay to help him at his bay.

And because there was no one to control and guide us right, my other elder sister Mariam Nagudi in an effort to fend off for her own survival and support the rest of us in terms of home necessities including supporting my school requirements, she found herself into the streets of Jinja Town to practice commercial sex. To a sad note, the game turned bad she contracted HIV and Aids and died at the age of 32.

But one day as I was at the washing bay, one of the customers got concerned with my young age. He inquired to know whether I was schooling and my answer was affirmative. I later came to know that this person I was talking to was from a local NG0 called Aids Orphans Education Trust [AOET]-Uganda which operates in Jinja and this was Mrs. Nancy Tushabe one of the Directors at AOET.

From the interaction, Tushabe invited me to her home for further discussion. Little did I know that this would be my future turning point? From the discussion, her organization took on me and right away s-he started paying my school fees and meeting other requirements in life up to University. In 2016 I completed my degree in Mass Communication at Kampala University thanks to AOET and Glory be to God for this achievement. I am currently working with NBS TV as a news correspondent based in Busoga region.


One day as I was going about my news reporting duties in Iganga hospital, I was approached by a woman called Hasifa Namugaya who told me she was a widow. Namugaya a resident of Kaweete in Namungalwe Sub County Iganga district had a girl child. The child was born with a health complication which deformed her face and she needed 20 Million to be taken for a plastic surgery outside the country.

After seeing the kid I felt much sympathy for this little baby as tears rolled over Namugaya’s cheeks in search for help. Of course I could not resist helping this innocent baby. However in order to try drum for more support and also generate enough financial support from the public, I mobilized other Media colleagues for joint publicity over the matter, unfortunately the baby died before getting the required money.

May her soul rest in eternal peace. Her death left me and my colleagues defeated. But often a number of people with different health ailment’s and problems kept on flocking our little office looking for assistance.

The Evolution of Hope for Change Africa ( HFGA) Briefly ...

After facing the challenge of losing innocent baby shifrah’s life, fellow colleagues turned up at my office very early in the morning after a period of 1 week, in which everyone felt touched on the incidence that had previously happened. It’s from that point when one of the colleague named Taisiri Kaddu said “Hey guys let’s not be so sad, because we have a lot of problems that are needed to tackled”

He continued “People in such condition are in numbers but they have no visibility. I think we should join together and bring such people together through creating an association”

I personally picked on his idea but to generate more support and for purposes of developing further this idea and how to go about it, I widely shared it with my colleagues in the office who positively welcomed it and hence forth, Hope for Change Africa came to be born.


As an organization together with the community we have tried to archive the following campaigns as below;

In this campaign we offered the community girl child a number of sanitary pads (Reusable and Non-reusable)

Briefly about the campaign

All normal girls/women at 13 years under go menstruation period. At this it’s- so challenging to many on how to manage the situation which lasts for at least 3-5days.The challenge is about acquisition of sanitary pads. Many young girls from poor families, their parents can’t manage to provide them and some fear to tell their parents on need because of being shy. Lack of these necessities usually causes many school going pupils/students lack concentration at schools and some drop out of schools for fear on how they could manage themselves before colleagues.

Everyone as a right for education ,therefore as Hope for change Africa

Briefly about the campaign

Most pupils in most schools in Busoga sub region quit studies because of lack of learning Requirements like books, pens, pencils and mathematical sets. This is caused by the high poverty Levels and poor attitude by parents to fulfill their obligations. The situation causes willing pupils to drop out of schools and end up engaging into child labor and early marriages.