Computers and training.

Access to computers and new technology can provide life-changing educational opportunities for all - Children, youth and Adults in impoverished communities. Our desire is to provide a computer lab for every H4CA district program. Your gift of $430 will provide Laptop computers for training and helping staff in their smooth running of the organization work.

Vocational Training

Widows, orphaned teens, women whose husbands do not provide for their families, and other at-risk women face hunger and shame because they cannot support themselves or their children. Your donation of $200 to provide vocational training can change the life of such a woman or girl in Busoga region.We 'll provide skills instruction, materials, marketing training, and ongoing support that will open the door to a respectable, rewarding trade such as tailoring, cosmetology, jewelry-making, or dairy farming and keep women and girls from unthinkable, soul-numbing choices like street begging or prostitution.


Undesignated funds are needed for emergencies, - Staff Salary deficits, sickness, maintenance and repair, unexpected deaths (which is very common in Uganda ), Many times Hope For Change Africa staff don't have any extra funds to be helpful in very difficult situations!
Any contribution to this fund would be highly appreciated.