Provision of meals to pupils

Having breakfast and lunch at schools plays a very big role in a pupils performance Since a learning hungry pupil can't concentrate and understand during lessons because of frustrations and thoughts on how he/she will end the day. However a big percentage of pupils in Busoga schools especially in rural areas fall victims in this situation because of the high poverty levels among parents .

A $10 per month can help to feed a child at school

Go Back to School Campaign

Most pupils in most schools in Busoga sub region quit studies because of lack of learning-requirements like books, pens, pencils and mathematical sets. This is caused by the high poverty levels and poor attitude by parents to fulfill their obligations.The situation causes willing pupils to drop out of schools and end up engaging into child labour and early marriages.

A $10 Per Month Donation can help buy an assortment of requirements per pupil and Continue With their studies.

Provision of shoes to pupils

Health wise, a pupil without shoes is vulnerable to diseases like jiggers especially when studying in a dusty environment and classrooms. But this is the situation at most schools both gorvenment and private due to the limited resources to cement classrooms.Providing a pupil with at least one durable pair of shoes Will save him/her from the situation also being proud at school.

A $40 per month can buy to each pupil Shoes and overcome the situation.