Provision of sanitary pads to girls.

All normal girls/women at 13 years under go menstruation period. At this stage it’s- so challenging to many on how to manage the situation which lasts for at least 3-5days. The challenge is about acquisition of sanitary pads. Many young girls from poor families, their parents can’t manage to provide them and some fear to tell their parents on need because of being shy.
Lack of these necessities usually causes many school going pupils/students lack concentration at schools and some drop out of schools for fear on how they could manage themselves before colleagues. A donation of $30 per month can help buy pads and give out at various schools and we save our young girls.

Malaria Campaign

Malaria, tuberculosis, and HIV/AIDS are three of the world’s most dreaded diseases. They kill millions of people each year and have undermined the stability of entire nations. Yet all three can be prevented and except for HIV they can be cured.Hope For Change Africa is fighting these and other diseases through a variety of mobile medical camps in Uganda. This fund enables our staff to bring medical care, health services, hygiene projects, and other aid to desperate communities as needs arise. In the face of death and despair, Hope For Change Africa is able to share the hope of everlasting life. A donation of $5 per month can help to save life.

Construction of water sources

There is urgent need to rescue the local community with safe drinking water. Most communities in Busoga sub region have a challenge of access to clean safe water. Almost all the districts in the region water coverage stands at 60%.The population in the remaining 40% draw water from dirty wells which they share with domestic animals hence risk to diseases. The Situation worsens during dry seasons when their wells dries up leaving them starving helplessly. Example in Nakalama parish,Iganga district, the four villages with over 40,000 population share one borehole. Mr.Awali Mukuna,the Nakalama parish chairperson says that he receives at least 10 cases a day from locals Resulting from struggle& battle to draw water at the borehole. Other villages which are highly populated like Makena in Namutumba district and many more have never had a single borehole due limited budget by local governments.

A donation of$3000 can help dig a bore hole at each identified village with urgent need.

Fighting HIV/AIDS

The spread of HIV/AIDS keep on increasing in Iganga district and Busoga region at large as a result of lack of information by the community on how to avoid and victims accessing the drugs.

The situation and number of vulnerabilities keep on worsening /increasing because Most people doesn’t know their HIV status because of not testing the deadly disease which puts their lives on risk.

This is caused by lack of sensitization of the community and long distances to access the few health facilities available.This results into Some victims visiting witch doctors for medication out of ignorance.

A donation of $50 per month can help us can help us Organize medical camps in communities especially at land sites where HIV/AIDS cases are always high and in remote areas where locals face a challenge to access health facilities because of long distances to get services like HIV testing ,counseling and giving out drugs and sensitazation