Many mothers these days produce their babies who are health but some of the throw them away because of un known reasons/challenges they encounter in life. However, Hasifa Namugaya 27, asingle mother a resident of Kawete village, Namungalwe sub county who produced an abnormal child has managed to struggle with her 2 months baby amidst challenges she face in an effort to save her to have life on earth.

Namugaya produced her second born well but unfortunately, the baby was born with some body parts which are abnormal. The face of the baby does look like any other normal baby.

The face of her baby have some holes which makes some inner head parts visible, hanging nose and eyes which makes her unable to breast feed expect being given drinks ever since she was born. Namugaya says that she doesn’t know what caused her loved baby to look like this yet her first born was born well. She adds that she faces a lot of challenge to raise her since her husband died before she gave birth making life hard to raise the baby.

She adds that the doctors told her that her child cane become normal as any other baby if she under goes a surgery but currently can’t afford it since it requires a lot of money for this type of treatment she doesn’t have hence asks well-wishers to come to her rescue. The grandmother of the baby Rose Namubiru narrates that in their clan they have never produced such baby and this is the first one which is amazing them

The neighbors of this family have asked well wishers to come to their rescue to have the baby live longer because the family doesn’t afford the medical requirements. Some of the locals hailed the mother of the baby for struggling with her amidst challenges and condemned some mothers who always produce normal and health kidsbut later throw them away in latrines, dust bins and others abandon them in some places.

Dr.Mohamed Nakalimbo who works at Iganga Islamic hospital in Iganga municipality narrated circmstances which can cause amother to produce such ababy He adds that this baby can be treated and be healthy as any other child if undergoes into aplastic surgery by professional doctors but he said that it requires a lot of money. He gave some tips pregnant mothers could do to avoid producing babies with such abnormalities