Matanda A. Rahman

9 year old Abdu Rahuman Matanda an orphan is currently in primary three at New high tech nursery and primary school. Matanda loves studies and has been one of the best pupils in class but has a problem of raising school fees since his parents are poor. His father passed on while he was at the age of three living him staying with the mother who could not afford rising up all the 12 children left behind by her husband. The mother Jamila Namukose tried working as a house maid in the neighborhood where she would be paid shillings 1500 Uganda currency which was extremely too small to cater for the needs of the children and paying for their tuition.Some of Matandas elder brothers and sisters who were studying by then were all chased away from school following the death of their father and had to sit back waiting for their mother to take the next step.

Matanda upon realizing that it was time to struggle on his own decided to hawk brooms cut from the bushy neighborhood and managed to raise shillings 10,000 that helped him buy a pair of uniform and three exercise books and was admitted at New high-tech nursery and primary school in primary one. He has been doing the same job of cutting brooms during holidays raise some tuition but now he says the business is no longer profitable due to the big number of people involved in it which has brought down the demand from customers. Matandas dreams of becoming a doctor in future so that he can be able to help people who are poor and cannot afford proper medical attention.

He said at times he sheds tears whenever their bursar comes to class on Mondays of every week in order to chase away pupils whose parents have failed to raise school fees for the term. Matanda said he will humbly appreciate any one who can come up to support his dream of becoming a medical doctor so that he also helps those who are poor just like from the humble background he comes from.

A donation of $30 per month can help Mantanda to achieve his dream