Community Empowerment

Empowering a community is not something that you can do to that community. Because the process of empowerment, or capacity development, is a social process, it is something that the community itself must undergo. Even members of a community, as individuals, can not develop their community; 

It is a growth process of the community as a whole, internally, as an organism Trying to force growth, trying to force social change, called social engineering, and it does have its effects, but usually effects that are far from what you want. Our method is to stimulate the community to take action.

We often refer to that action as a “project.” By doing a project, the community will become more empowered, develop more capacity. The action it takes is its exercise to become stronger.

We noted above that the people must struggle in order to become stronger.

The basic method of a community mobilizer is to first determine what the community as a whole wants, then guide it in struggling to achieve it.

In the course of carrying out the project, community members may identify some skills that they lack. These could be in accounting, in reporting, or in technical skills. If you are able to help them obtain training in such skills, we recommend that the training is participatory also.

That people learn best by “doing” rather than listening to lectures or watching presentations. Why help communities to become stronger?

The world will be a better place; poverty will be reduced; working towards this is a meaningful endeavor. What is the empowerment method? Charity.

To reduce the impact of poverty in the world’s marginalized and under served populations by empowering communities through participation and education.

Through compassionate and holistic education we enable primary caregivers within their communities to provide nutritional support and to learn about preventative healthcare. By lifting up individuals within communities,
we encourage and support sustainable community and economic development.