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Fight against Hiv/Aids

Fight against Hiv / Aids

Fight against Hiv / Aids

With our sexual reproductive health studies, it has found out that the spread of HIV/AIDS is on the increase in Iganga district and Busoga region at large as a result of lack of information in the community on how to avoid the spread of the disease and also where the victims can access drugs.

The situation is that the number of vulnerabilities keep on worsening /increasing because Most people don’t know their HIV status because of not testing for the deadly disease which puts their lives at risk.

HFCA believes that this is caused by a lack of sensitization within the community and also due to poor infrastructural development whereby the youth have to take long distances to access the few health facilities available within the region. Hence the result is that many HIV/AIDs victims have restorted to visiting witch doctors for their medication a thing that is indeed dangerous to their health.

Thus a charity donation of $700 per month can help HFCA as a charity to Organize medical camps in communities especially at landing sites where HIV/AIDS cases are always high and in remote areas where locals face a challenge to access health facilities and stigma because of long distances to get services like HIV testing ,counseling and giving out drugs and sensitazation

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