About the Founder

Hello! My name is Teven Kibumba. Allow me share my story with you about my back ground, education journey and experience with the society that I work in as a charity social worker and journalist.

Being born in a destitute and an illiterate family. –

I studied at Nakanyonyi primary school before enrolling for my ordinary level at Wakitaka SS. After completing my O level studies, I joined Jinja Progressive SS and in 2013, I enrolled for a Bachelor’s degree in -Mass Communication at Kampala University.

However my education journey was not an easy one altogether.

I studied without scholastic materials; food, clothing’s and this continously developed the spirit of charity. Such situation dont only affect my general educational experience but also subjected me to the torments of child labor.

And because there was no one to control and guide us right, struggling to survive as a child was the only solution. Much as many community members were concerned, very few had the spirit and love for charity.

In 2016 I completed my degree in Mass Communication at Kampala University thanks to GOD and Glory be to God for this achievement.

I am currently working with HFCA & NBS TV as an executive director of HFCA & a news correspondent of NBS TV based in Busoga region.


Thus as one day as I was going about my news reporting duties in Iganga hospital, I was approached by a lady known as Hasifa Namugaya who told me she was a widow.

Namugaya a resident of Kaweete in Namungalwe Sub County Iganga district had a girl child. The child was born with a health complication which deformed her face and she needed 20 Million to be taken for a plastic surgery outside the country such touched my soul and urged me to do some thing.

After interacting with the kid I felt sympathy and i could not resist helping this innocent child. However in order to collect support for the little one and also generate enough financial support from the public, I mobilized friends to act for this charity cause.

On our course of charity actions, we were late to meet the emergence of helping this little one as afterwards she passed away.

The Forming of Hope for Change Africa ( HFCA) Briefly …

After facing the challenge of losing this innocent child shifrah’s life, fellow colleagues turned up at my office very early in the morning after a period of 1 week, in which everyone felt touched about the incidence that had previously happened. It’s from that point when we decided as colleagues to take charity as our long life project”

The idea was to reach out to the unfortunate in community since they were in numbers and lacked visibility in terms of charity.

The idea was welcomed and, Hope for Change Africa came to be born.