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HFCA Stop Malaria Campaign

HFCA Stop Malaria disease Campaign

HFCA Stop Malaria disease Campaign

During our charity plan on fighting disease, we found out that Malaria, tuberculosis, and HIV/AIDS are three of the country’s most prevalent diseases.

They kill millions of people each year and have been undermined at many moments in the nation. with charity all these three mentioned illnesses can be prevented and except for HIV they can be cured.

Hope For Change Africa is fighting these and other diseases through a variety of mobile medical camps in Uganda. With funds we are enabled to offer medical care, health services, hygiene projects, and other aid to desperate communities as needs arises.

In the face of death and despair, Hope For Change Africa is able to share the hope of an everlasting life or a long life expectancy. A charity donation of $100 per month can help save life.

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