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Charity Construction of water sources

Charity Construction of water sources

HFCA finds that there is an urgent need to rescue the local communities from suffering by providing safe to drink water. Most communities in Busoga sub region have faced with a challenge of access to clean and safe water. Almost all the districts in the region water coverage stands at 60%.

The population in the remaining 40% draw water from dirty wells which they share with domestic animals hence risk disease. The social situation worsens during dry seasons when community wells do dry up leaving the local populations starving helplessly.

For example in Nakalama parish,Iganga district, the four villages with over demographically 40,000 people, people have to struggle as a community to share one borehole so as to draw water for domestic use.

Mr.Awali Mukuna,the Nakalama parish chairperson says that he receives at least 10 cases a day from locals resulting from struggle& battle to draw water at the borehole. Other villages which are highly populated like Makena in Namutumba district and many more have never had a single borehole due limited budget by local governments.

A Charity donation of$5000 per year can help dig a bore hole at each identified village with urgent need.

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