Bikala A. Rahman

7 year old Abdu Rahim Bikala is a primary three pupil at New high tech nursery and primary school.

Bikala has been one of the best students in class since joining in primary one.
Bikala has one dream in his mind of becoming a lawyer after completing his university. He however has fear that he might not complete his education as a result of lack of tuition. His father Kassimu disabled blind beggar in town cannot afford to pay for his tuition. Because of this his children have frequently been chased away from school by the administration as a result of failure to clear their tuition in time.

To show determination that he is committee to carry on with his studies despite all the hardships they encounter at home like going to school on an empty stomach, Bikala also moves for over ten kilometers on foot from his home daily and returns back without eating anything. However he still has hope that one day things might work out for him and he gets a sponsor who can help him realize his life time dream.

Bikala said he intends to offer free legal services to people who are being oppressed by either the rich because they lack money to hire lawyers.