Nabirye Pretty

Nabirye pretty at six years only doesn’t stay with any of her parents which is normally not common with children with the same age bracket. She instead stays with her grandmother Nassabu Nangoma,a widow and an old woman in her 70s who cares for other 5 kids at kaliro road zone, Iganga municipality in Iganga district.

It’s not Nabirye’s wish to stay with her grandmother but because she doesn’t have to stay with Any of her parents whose where about can’t be traced.

This so because her mum Shamim Nangia Failed to identify and trace her dad whom she fallen in love at a one disco night show in Iganga municipality and never seen him since that day she conceived and after birth. Frustrated with no financial support to cater for Nabirye, Nangia abandoned her and went in Kampala 4 years ago With an aim of looking for a job but has never surfaced with no any contact.

Currently, Nabirye who loves school is in top class at New high tech nursery & pri school may fail to complete her studies and achieve her dream of becoming a lawyer because of financial restrictions since Namgoma’s business of vending tomatoes is limited to her school requirements demand.

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