Ivan Wakibi

Project Coordinator

Born from a humble family in Bulange village/ sub county, Namutumba district, eastern Uganda.
Ivan Grew up in a polygamous family where the father had three wives my mother being the first wife.
Being a peasant, the father had no enough money to very well cater for the large number of family members; mothers, brothers, sisters and grandparents due to overwhelming responsibilities.

The situation caused challenges among family members in form of access to basic needs and school requirements on my side,brothers and sisters at respective schools.

Meanwhile, through hardships,I managed to attain a journalism course at Excel training institute, kampala after completion of my A'level, and currently working with Vision Group, a multimedia company as a news repoter based in Iganga district.

The hard experience Wakibi passed through and the worse experiences he always finds in the community during his course of work (news reporting); most people being very needy in various capacities and always ask for help through publication of their experiences and needs in education,health,finacial empowerment among others.

This inspired him to join Hope for change Africa a charitable organization such that through it, he can bring change to these vulnerable communities out of being touched by their urgent help.


Email: ivanwakibi@gmail.com
Phone Contact: +256 706 4132424 / +256 785 379801